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The Unique Music and Trends That Emerged in 2020

The Unique Music Culture and Trends That Emerged In 2020

It is no secret that the music culture is ever-evolving as generations emerge. The music we grew up with is very different from what both older and younger generations are used to, and that is not necessarily a bad thing at all. But with this year being as rocky as it has been with COVID-19 and other adversities, there is no denying that the music in 2020 was also affected, surfacing new transformational, cultural trends that are certainly worth highlighting.

Trend #1: Hip Hop/Rap Domination

According to The Play Tunes, hip hop and rap are the leading music genre in 2020, coming in at 12.01%. However, this has been a common theme for the last decade, overpowering the other genres with its rhythmic tunes, upbeat or relaxing tempos, and soul-inspiring lyrics. Though Pop is still on the rise and becoming more popular, it will be interesting to see if Hip Hop/Rap will continue their domination in the future.

Trend #2: Changes in Sales and Streaming Patterns

Though the first trend has been long established, this one is much newer and a direct result of the 2020 pandemic. With the closure of retail stores and job loss, this equates to digital sales also falling about 11% due to discrete spending. In addition to this, the Tencent Music Entertainment in China reported that listener behavior altered since the pandemic started: more people are using home applications on their TVs and their smart devices. Even Spotify mentioned that consumer routines changed, stating that daily habits are reflective of weekend consumption and saw an increased desire for more relaxing genres.

Trend #3: Streaming Expectations Are High

Music listeners today expect to have a highly advanced, personalized experience when it comes to streaming. And as technology proceeds to expand, that desire will only continue to strengthen. Personalization in music streaming is something quite powerful, and leveraging sophisticated algorithms and technological innovations to make that happen can foster user joy and increase the likelihood that they will continue using the same streaming service long term.

Trend #4: Music and TikTok

TikTok has been around and favored by younger generations since 2016, but the audience grew substantially amongst all age groups since the start of 2020. And when you head on over there, you are bound to see some viral challenge, which usually involves a featured song. TikTok is, in fact, a key driver for helping tons of rising artists become noticed for this reason. Furthermore, it has been a unique way to tie emotions, connection, and add fun for listeners during a time where in-person concerts are at a halt.

Conclusion - What the Future Looks Like

As you can see, the trends witnessed in 2020 might not have been as organic as past ones. Much of the culture seen today is a direct result of the pandemic and its impacts on the music industry. And though it is hard to tell where the music culture will head, there are some fundamental indicators on where music will go. For instance, with the introduction of AI technologies, it is a safe bet that listeners and future concert-goers will want to experience this. In addition, with gender equality such a hot topic, there is likely going to be more gender-neutral music being launched as a way to become more all-inclusive.

In the end, as still uncertain, yet promising as the future might be, the best thing we can do is embrace the cultural and trending evolutions as they come and see them as new influential stepping stones that pave the way for what is to develop next.

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